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Roller Bunny

Sep 2nd, 2009 by admin | 8

Was watching a lame documentary on Venice Beach  a few weeks back (I dont have cable) and thought it would be cool to capture the fluid motion of a roller dancer skating along the beach.  Here’s what I came up with.


8 Comments on “Roller Bunny”

  1. neon said:

    ow holy cow! this is simply amazing! do You work with intuos or cintiq?


  2. Darrin Alder said:

    See, I want to be like you man. these sculpts are amazing. any Work in Progress Shots available? I’m interested in how you created this? how long have you been working on this model? also what matcap are you using? is it one of your own?

    Lastly what do you think about the new zsphere feature coming out??

  3. admin said:

    Thanks Darrin, I put a few WIP’s on ZBC, but I’ll be posting a few more here soon.
    I spent about a week on her and the matcap is my own but had some tweaking in PS.
    The new Zsphere’s are going to be fantastic. I actually got to play with them in the early beta stage and they have only improved since then.

  4. admin said:

    Neon thanks! Funny you should ask. I use a cintiq at work and a intuos 2 at home, but after this project I decided to break down and buy a cintiq for home. Cant wait should be here in a week!

  5. neon said:

    :) yeah, You know, i felt some “i want a cintiq” in this sculpture :) congrats again!

  6. Andrew Glazebrook said:

    Superb work !!!

  7. David Goode said:

    Really great work!

    Do you mind if I pick your brains about tools? I’m interested to know about the cintiq and what makes it a better choice than the intuos? I’m working full time on zbrush at the moment so any improvement in interface would be welcome

    Best regards,


  8. admin said:

    With the cintiq you have the advantage of drawing 1:1. Meaning if you make a 1 inch stroke it’s 1 inch. With the tablets they are often smaller than your monitor and your small 1 inch stroke is multiplying some times 2x as long. Thousand making it far less precise. Not to mention the cintiq fells more like drawing on paper.

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