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At Last!

Sep 16th, 2009 by admin | 9

P1000133I finally broke down and got a Wacom Cintiq after years of threatening to buy one.  I even managed to bust out a quick sketch of the donkey that dropped it off after waiting 2 weeks for delivery!

9 Comments on “At Last!”

  1. ZooRocket said:

    I’m jealous, plain and simple.

    Congrats though! :)

  2. Chris said:

    Awesome,Now start zbrushing and show something soon! lol

  3. neon said:

    congrats!!! ;)

  4. jamie said:

    ahhh worth its weight in gold!!!!!! loves it! z brush is just that much more fun!!!!!!

  5. Vince said:

    Congratulations Greg! I bought the 12ux “Baby” Cintiq right after it came out. While it’s fun as a novelty there is just not enough screen space to work efficiently so I hope to upgrade to the 21 someday. If you got a fantastic deal somewhere let me know so I can make my dream a reality today! :)

  6. Vince said:

    By the way… Your work is what got me interested in ZBrushing again. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

  7. eric said:

    Tell us about the precision please…I’ve tried one once and I remenber the heat that came from the screen after a few hours work.

  8. admin said:

    Hey Eric, I have the original 21″ cintiq at work the thing is like 5 years old. I gotta say the new ones are sooo much nicer. It does still get warm, but not hot like to old version. Then again I’m probably just used to it? Other than that the finish is much better now, its more of a matte finish for a more paper like feel. Also its less reflective. The buttons have also been refined. Much easier to push than the previous model.

    As for the precision seems about the same as the old one. I’ve used a intuos at home for nearly 10 years and I dont ever plan on going back! Working in ZBrush and Photoshop just feels more natural. Plus when you draw a line its 1:1 unlike using the tablets which feel like 1 inch = 2inchs plus on the monitor.

  9. eric said:

    Thank s for the answer. I’m starting to think about saving some money ^^

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