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Hard surfaces in ZBrush?!

Jun 25th, 2009 by admin | 3

There’s been somewhat of a influx of hard surface characters being made nearly or completely  in ZBrush lately.  This is no easy task, but seeing the amazing results artists have been getting has forced me to try my hand at it. With a lot of trial and error and a awesome concept by Nick Smith this is what I came up with.


3 Comments on “Hard surfaces in ZBrush?!”

  1. josh kim said:

    awesome job, really nice!!

  2. Nick Smith said:

    Hi Greg

    Great to see someone give life to this old thumbnail. You’ve done a great job there. Pretty damn faithful to the spirit of the thing. Keep up the good work and congrats on the Digital Art Masters 3 feature. Feel free to drop me a line.


  3. admin said:

    Thanks Nick! Hope you didn’t mind me using you drawing. I would love to get my hands on some more of your concepts, so I could bring them into 3d.

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