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Mar 10th, 2009 by admin | 2

Backstabber sculpt complete! Pretty stoked about the way this project turned out. Was a ton of work and a lot of late nights evolved.  I’ve been wanting to do a gladiator fantasy type project for some time now since its not a style I would normally do.  Got a say I could totally get into doing more stuff like this.


I also put in a few extra hours at work, so I could use my newly acquired Wacom Cintiq!  If your not familiar with the Cintiq its basic a monitor with a stylist that you can draw on.  Lets just say I’m hooked and if I had the funds to get one I would! I used it mainly for the fine details because it is much easier to sculpt 1:1 rather than using my 6×8 Wacom Intuos.


2 Comments on “Backstabber”

  1. nick pappas said:

    Excellent work as always Greg!

  2. DoYo said:

    Oh sweet! Came out real nice! Doyo with the payback!