Common Repair Guy Scams Awareness, Home or Car

It is not all that hard to fall victim to one of the many common repair guy scams out there. Close to $80 billion is lost every year within American homes over repair scams. These include scams relating to fixing a home or vehicle among other things.

These scams are dangerous in that they don’t bother to fix the problems one might have. This often makes it harder for certain items to work over time. You can avoid being a victim if you are aware of the many common repair guy scams that are out there.

Misleading Info On What You Require

You might be told that you require certain items to keep your vehicle or home running in good shape. For instance, you might be sold motor oil that is more expensive than what you need and isn’t actually necessary for a vehicle engine. This upselling technique is often used to make you think you need something but it ends up making things harder to handle.

Unauthorized Changes

Many repair guys will make changes to your home or vehicle that you didn’t authorize. These include things like adding new brake pads onto a car even if the existing pads on that car are unnecessary.

Another concern could entail a fan on an HVAC unit being replaced even though it is perfectly functional. Such unauthorized fixes can be a threat to your budget. You can always ask to get a contract written up stating what you do and don’t want to get handled in your properly or vehicle before work begins. This ensures that you can claim damages if the repair guy doesn’t do what you ask or does more than needed.

The Air Filter Trick

The air filter trick is one problem that many repair professional throw onto people. Tommy, Your Ace Appliance, explains, “Sometime a person might show you a filter in your HVAC unit or vehicle and tell you that it is dirty and needs to be replaced. However, many cases this does not involve your own air filter.” You can avoid this problem by asking to take a look at your filter as it is removed from your HVAC unit or vehicle to confirm that yours is actually dirty and that the repair professional isn’t trying to trick you in some way.

Getting Used Parts

Some repair guys will put in used parts in many things in your home or vehicle. Ask to take a look at any part that someone is going to install into your vehicle or home to see if it is actually new. This is to see that you’re not paying for something that might not work for as long or is not worth as much as you might expect.